Hydro-Salt soil salinity fertilizer

Hydro-Salt soil salinity fertilizer

Corrector of saline and sodium soils

  • Simultaneous presence of calcium, sulfur and organic acids for integrated management of salinity problem
  • Increase soil CEC – decrease soil EC and ESP (percentage of exchangeable sodium).
  • Increases aeration and sponginess of the soil to improve water penetration and retention in the soil

Hydro-Salt is a concentrated liquid anti-salinity fertilizer that is prepared to solve problems related to excess sodium and salinity in the soil and at the same time causes chemical and physical modification of the soil.

Due to the composition of this anti-salinity fertilizer (including calcium complexed with organic acids and sulfur), all elements work synergistically and double each other's effect in reducing the effects of salinity.

Hydro-Salt anti-salinity fertilizer corrects two main problems that occur in salty soils: first, it removes sodium ions attached to organic matter and soil clay, and then it replaces sodium with calcium. The released sodium is then washed and leached in the form of sodium sulfate from the root horizon through irrigation.

It is difficult to grow plants in salty and sodium soils because:

In sodic soils, sodium ions cause negative effects on the physical structure of the soil, the amount of soil aeration, soil permeability, and also accelerates the formation of soil crusts. These are the factors that cause disruption in germination, low root access to water and nutrients, and other consequences and limitations for the plant and its roots.
In salty soils, excess salt causes the so-called physiological thirst, because the salts take the water of the environment around the root to hydrate and cause an increase in high osmotic pressure in the soil.


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Comparison to other foreign fertilizers

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19 19 Calcium
15 15 Sulfur
4 4 Organic Acids
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Anti-saline fertilizer Saltrad Trade Corp Spain Saltrad Tradecorp

7.5 19 Calcium
10.5 15 Sulfur
20 4 Organic Acids
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Anti-Salt anti-saline fertilizer of Kemitek Spain

10 19 Calcium
0 15 Sulfur
20 4 Organic Acids
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